ACC Goes 50-50 at Homecoming Game


The ACC Girls Team (Left to right: Audrey, Steve, Jamie, April, Zoe, Maria, Sofia, Elliott)

Steve Blackwell, Staff Reporter

The long-awaited homecoming frisbee games took place on Oct. 27, drawing a crowd that filled the bleachers at the TJ recreation center. The games were against Arlington Career Center’s long-time rivals, the Wakefield Warriors. ACC played two games that night: the boys’ game and the girls’ game. The ACC Girls’ Ultimate team triumphed in a spectacular victory, sweeping the Warriors 6-0. The ACC Boys’ Ultimate team lost 3-15, but still had fun. 

This was the second victory for the Girls’ team, who defeated Yorktown High School in a forfeit earlier this season. They have maintained a proud record of scoring one point per game.

The Boys’ team closed out their season with one win, also against Yorktown, also by forfeit.

The ACC Boys Ultimate Team (Left to right: Coach Zach, Joey, Sean, AJ, Zach, Remi, Issac, Chase, Andy, Brian, Jahan, Rand, David, Lukas, Jack, Silas, Larkin, Benito, Theo, Aidan)