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Dear Call Me Maybe


Dear Jordy,

I’m graduating this year, and I’ve made a lot of really great friendships at school over the years. I want to maintain those friendships after we all graduate, but I’m unsure how to do it. I feel like if I text or call them constantly they might be irritated with me, and I’ve never been great at that anyway. Do you have any advice?”

-Call Me Maybe

Dear Call Me Maybe,

Honestly and truly, I’m pretty scared about this too. Many of my great friends are ones that I’ve made in high school and I know not all of them want to go to the same colleges as me, which will be hard because if I do get accepted to these schools, it means I’m gonna have to leave them. That’s hard to do but it doesn’t mean I have to lose touch with them. One method that you could use in order to keep in touch with your friends is (if you have social media) to follow them and check in on them every now and then.

Another way would be to make sure that they know that they can always contact you because although you believe that they might not want to talk to you, sometimes they don’t know that they can call or text you. You need to make sure that they know that you’re available to talk to them and that way they know that they can talk to you.

Something that I’ve been told my entire high school life is that friends that we make here don’t always go with us in our future. As sad as this might be, you’ll make many more friends in college or wherever you might be going.

That’s what you should strive for because although you can still be friends with your high school friends, it’s always better to make new ones that can help you with everything.

Your friends now will also find new friends and have their own life, but that’s how it works. As long as you don’t end on a bad note you’ll always have each other. You shouldn’t hold yourself back because you want to continue to communicate with your high school friends since they most likely will make more friends, but it’s always great to stay in touch with them no matter what happens in life.

Yours truly,


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Jordy Sierra-Trejo
Jordy Sierra-Trejo, Advice Columnist
Jordy is a senior at Arlington Tech and is a journalist for the Career Center Chronicle. He hopes to use his platform as a space where people can share their stories and ask questions. He enjoys playing tennis, gaming, and participating in student government as the president.