End-of-Year Letter from the Editor


End-of-Year Edition Contributors

Rachel Nance, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

June 9th, 2023

Dear Readers, 

This year might have been exciting (if you’re a freshman), optimistic (if you’re a sophomore), hectic (if you’re a junior), or nostalgic (if you’re a senior). Here at the ACC Chronicle, we’ve strived to record accomplishments at every grade level, from the oratorical contest to Sister Circle’s Black History Month Celebration. Our new school newspaper has come a long way from just another idea in my head back in September, and we have many people to thank. We launched a fully-developed website, thanks to the support of the ATAC Committee, ACC students get to take a Journalism elective next fall thanks to Ms. Chung. And as we close out before summer, we’ll have published not one, but now two in-print editions, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Chronicle staff. 

I’d also like to thank some notable newspaper committee members for their continuous hard work and dedication to deadlines. Shangwen Cheng provided the leading number of articles for the Chronicle and was always up to the challenge of taking on more, despite her busy schedule. Maggie Odar tirelessly worked on both in-print editions to ensure they were representative of the dedication and work the newspaper committee put into them. While working on the print editions, Maggie also formatted the ACC Chronicle website and fixed any problems that arose swiftly and expertly. These two Sophomores were monumental in the success of the newspaper. I’d also, once again, like to thank Ms. McFarlane, the number one supporter of the newspaper, who was there to bring our ideas to life. I know that the students in the Journalism class and the Chronicle Club are in for a year of exciting and fulfilling work with her guidance. 

As Editor-in Chief, I’m incredibly proud of how far the ACC Chronicle has come. It has been a joy to work with the entire committee who said “yes” to my call for help. From school news to arts and entertainment, our talented group has brought great content to the ACC community. We’re all excited to see what the Chronicle prints in 2023-24. 

Until then, have a great summer!

Rachel Nance