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School News
Bella Weslow, Staff Reporter • June 12, 2024

On May 16th, 2024, a monumental event occurred for the students and staff of the Arlington Career Center. At 2 pm, students and teachers left...

Latinas Leading Tomorrow at ACC
Clubs & Extras
Latinas Leading Tomorrow at ACC
Lary Renderos, Guest Reporter • June 12, 2024

Let’s zoom into the bustling hive of activity that is ACC (let's throw some props to our extracurricular buffet: from frisbee to D&D, there's...

Op Ed: A Call for Accelerated Learning in APS
Op Ed
Op Ed: A Call for Accelerated Learning in APS
Joseph Sparks, Guest Reporter • June 12, 2024

Dear Arlington Public Schools, As I prepare to begin my education at Princeton University next fall, I often look back and consider the impact...

Op Ed: Let’s Expand Restorative Justice in Virginia
Op Ed
Op Ed: Let’s Expand Restorative Justice in Virginia
Zack Dabrowski, Staff Reporter • June 12, 2024

Dear Barbara A. Favola, In one month, I will have graduated from high school and be ready for the next stage of my life. When I look back...

Acme Pie Company
Community & Beyond
Acme Pie Company
Zack Dabrowski, Staff Reporter • June 12, 2024

Acme Pie Co., located barely a block from the school, is one of the only pie shops within Arlington - and it’s also the best. Walking towards...

24 with ’24: Lynette Levine


24 with ’24 is a Chronicle series where we ask 24 questions to a member of the class of ’24. Between now and June, we’ll shine a spotlight on each member of this year’s graduating class. Our goal is to feature all seniors from all ACC programs. Get started by completing this Google form, and reach out to Zack Dabrowski with any questions.

  1. How does it feel to be a senior in high school?
    • A lot less exciting then expected, very underwhelming
  2. Favorite moment at ACC?
    • 2022 Halloween Dance ’cause it was fun with friends 
  3. Best piece of advice you’ve received?
    •  Dude, I have no idea
  4. Advice you’d give to underclassmen?
    • Need updated 
  5. A person who supported you the most through high school?
    • Myself 
  6. Favorite core class you’ve taken and why? 
    • USVA history because of Mr G in 2023
  7. Favorite elective?
    • Aviation
  8. What is your Capstone experience and how’s it going?
    • Educational Capstones are super easy if you’re an aviation student. You only have 5 classes and still get to leave at 1.
  9. Any advice on Capstone you’d like to share?
    • Educational
  10. What grade did you enjoy the most?
    • 1st because I don’t remember it
  11. What are you excited about for life after high school?
    • Getting out of Arlington and going to be with friends
  12. What is your top college choice?
    • Point Park in Pittsburgh
  13. What field are you planning on going into?
    • Fine Arts
  14. What is something you can’t live without?
    • Music and my headphones
  15. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • Hopefully as a tattoo artist apprentice
  16. Where’s your favorite place to hang out in Arlington?
    • Don’t really hang out anyways but the empanada place on Columbia Pike (Mpanadas) goes crazy
  17. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
    • Wanna visit Japan someday so IG that
  18. Favorite extracurricular activity
    • Newspaper
  19. A song that you have on repeat?
    • Back Down by 50 Cent, obsessed with 50 lately
  20. Favorite movie or TV show?
    • Either Scream 5 or The Ring, big horror fan
  21. What is your favorite meal?
    • No idea, like empanadas ig lol
  22. What time do you go to bed on school nights?
    • Whenever, between 10pm or 3am
  23. What motivates you?
    • No idea. just along for the ride
  24. What is your greatest achievement?
    • Getting a scholarship to a school I didn’t meet the base admission requirements to
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Ilana Hoffer
Ilana Hoffer, Staff Reporter
Ilana is a junior at Arlington Tech, interested in expanding her writing by working on articles for the Chronicle. In her free time, Ilana enjoys being outside, playing soccer, spending time with her dog and hanging out with friends. She is interested in becoming a mechanical engineer.