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School News
Fall Dance 2023
Zoe Patchen, Photographer • November 30, 2023

Ilana Hoffer
Art Gallery
Ms. Ascani's Art II Students • November 30, 2023

Book Nook: Native American Heritage Month
Book Nook: Native American Heritage Month
Clara Golner, Staff Reporter • November 28, 2023

November is Native American Heritage Month, so the CC Book Nook is back with recommendations of what to read this month! The first book is...

Halloween Google Doodles Ranked
Halloween Google Doodles Ranked
Eimi Tuttle and Ilana HofferNovember 17, 2023

Google Doodles; we’re all familiar with the cute drawings that show up on the popular search engine. Everyone loves the seasonal changes and...

Fall Edition is out now!
Chronicle Essentials
Fall Edition is out now!
The Chronicle Staff • November 15, 2023

We're happy to announce that the Fall Edition is out for delivery! Check out our new and improved design. It's the first issue published...

Farewell, Fenwick

Today was a literal blast for the new building’s construction crew when the final walls of the Fenwick building were knocked down. We sat down with Principal Ms. Chung to learn about Fenwick and commemorate this moment in the timeline of our new construction.

Best known for housing the Arlington Community High School program for the past eight years, they took up residence in Ballston last summer. Before it was the Arlington Community High School, it was a medical center for the Department of Health and Human Services. By 2026, the space will be dedicated to our new ACC building.

Construction of the new building is expected to begin in the Spring of 2024 and be finished in the Fall of 2026. The construction team will be cleaning up debris from the demolition until they’re ready to break ground next spring. The building will have five stories in a stepping-stone formation descending towards 7th St. The entire five-story column will be used for CTE which will be front and center. 

In the years ahead, classrooms facing construction may experience some trouble with noise. Traffic on Walter Reed Drive will be impacted by construction. The good news is that our original building will not be losing instructional space, so classes will remain in the building or trailers until the new building is fully complete.

Students are encouraged to think about things they may want to see in the new building and get involved in some planning sessions. A new school building gives us a chance to reflect on who we are as a school, and how we can improve.

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Clara Golner, Staff Reporter
Clara is currently a junior at Arlington Tech and enjoys writing all sorts of things— short stories, longer stories, or articles for the newspaper— as well as reading, playing video games, exercising, or drawing (not very well, but nobody has to know that).
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Ilana is a junior at Arlington Tech, interested in expanding her writing by working on articles for the Chronicle. In her free time, Ilana enjoys being outside, playing soccer, spending time with her dog and hanging out with friends. She is interested in becoming a mechanical engineer.