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Fall Edition is out now!
Chronicle Essentials
Fall Edition is out now!
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We're happy to announce that the Fall Edition is out for delivery! Check out our new and improved design. It's the first issue published...

NASA Inspires Artemis Generation Coders from Arlington Tech


Press release shared by sophomore Mayah Millhouse, part of the NASA app development team:

Students from Arlington Tech, Arlington Career Center in Arlington are participating in NASA’s App Development Challenge (ADC). The ADC, one of eight Artemis Student Challenges, presents students with technical problems seeking their contributions to deep space exploration missions. Led by the Johnson Space Center’s Office of STEM Engagement in Houston, NASA’s App Development Challenge is part of the agency’s Next Gen STEM Project. 

This year’s ADC asks student teams to research and design an application to visualize one of five Artemis III landing regions around the Moon’s South Pole. The challenge was created in collaboration with NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) team to directly support upcoming mission planning and training activities. NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation program, or SCaN, serves as the Program Office for all of NASA’s space communications activities. SCaN operates the Near Space Network and Deep Space Network, providing communications services enabling NASA’s missions. 

Throughout the 10-week challenge, occurring Oct. 4-Dec. 13, 2023, students will have the opportunity to interact, learn and be inspired by NASA coders and engineers through four live virtual events and weekly office hours. NASA scientists and engineers will review student video submissions and interview selected teams. After the interviews, NASA will select top teams for a multiday culminating event at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. By joining in the ADC, these Artemis Generation students from Arlington Tech are participating in NASA’s endeavors to land American astronauts, including the first woman and first person of color, on the Moon.

For additional information about the App Development Challenge visit their website: 

For more on NASA’s Next Gen STEM, visit their website: 

For more information about NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) visit their website: 

For updates on social media, follow: #NASA_ADC

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