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Book Nook: Native American Heritage Month
Book Nook: Native American Heritage Month
Clara Golner, Staff Reporter • November 28, 2023

November is Native American Heritage Month, so the CC Book Nook is back with recommendations of what to read this month! The first book is...

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Fall Edition is out now!
Chronicle Essentials
Fall Edition is out now!
The Chronicle Staff • November 15, 2023

We're happy to announce that the Fall Edition is out for delivery! Check out our new and improved design. It's the first issue published...

Book Nook: What to read for Hispanic Heritage Month


The days between September 15 and October 15 every year are Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month, a time to honor the wide range of Hispanic and Latino cultures. In honor of the celebration, here are two books to read this month surrounding the culture.

The first book is a Mexican heritage-inspired fantasy novel, “The Sunbearer Trials,” by Aiden Thomas. Fans may recognize Thomas as the author of “Cemetery Boys,” a similar fantasy novel inspired by Hispanic heritage. “The Sunbearer Trials” features the main character Teo and a high-stakes competition in which the winner is celebrated as an icon among temples, and the loser is sacrificed. Teo never expected to be chosen, but now he must prove himself worthy against stronger enemies.

The second book is a nonfiction novel called “Finding Latinx: In Search of the Voices Redefining Latino Identity” by Paola Ramos. An activist as well as journalist, Ramos explores the meaning behind the word Latinx and what it means to several different cultures. The novel explores intersectionality, identity, and the voice of Latino people in the media, leading readers to rethink what the words “American” and “Latino” mean.

Be sure to visit Penguin Random House’s Hispanic and Latino section for more recommendations and enjoy reading about Hispanic and Latino culture!


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Clara is currently a junior at Arlington Tech and enjoys writing all sorts of things— short stories, longer stories, or articles for the newspaper— as well as reading, playing video games, exercising, or drawing (not very well, but nobody has to know that).