ACC Celebrates Black History Month, Three Day Celebration

Rahiel Beyene, Guest Reporter and Rachel Nance

Here at Arlington Career Center, Sister Circle members held a three day assembly to showcase African American history and talent in honor of Black History Month. Sister Circle is a club for African American girls that focuses on developing strong independent women by providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in life. Led by math teacher, Dr. Miriam Thomas, the ACC Sister Circle has been an active club for the last three years.

The idea for this year’s BHM celebration began at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year when Hasna and Bilen approached Dr. Thomas with the idea of holding a school-wide assembly. The committee decided to split the festivities into three days, each day showcasing different aspects of African American lifestyle and art. 

Laila Hailey, Arlington Tech Junior, acted as Master of Ceremonies for each event. Day One featured a flag parade which involved the members of the Sister Circle walking around the Career Center brandishing the African American flag. Day Two showcased cultural artifacts, which included traditionally painted bowls, plates, and quilts; fashion shows, complete with African American clothing; and poems read aloud by Sister Circle members. Day Three consisted of comical skits, a moving rendition of the Black National Anthem by Mayah Millhouse, and engaging step shows, all prepared by the members of the Sister Circle Club who have been practicing since October.

It is thanks to all the members of Sister Circle, and notably Dr. Thomas ,that the Black History Month celebration was a big success.